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"Hi. I’m Dr. Dean Leav, Expert Psychologist."

As a recognized leader in the fields of psychology and qualified medical evaluations (QMEs), I am called upon to provide excellent service in various settings, including medical, legal, and academics. My expert opinions and evaluations are regularly requested by the community. I’ve been featured on ABC, NBC, and KCAL and have presented at various conferences.    


My expertise has been relied upon by lawyers/judges, insurance companies, professional/licensing boards, immigration department, adoption agencies, CPS, schools/ colleges, and numerous organizations to make informed decisions.     


Since 2007, my work has represented the highest standard of excellence. My evaluations/reports are objective, lucid, and comprehensive, representing “substantial medical evidence” and having significant weight.

Call 949.607.8758 now for a free phone consultation.

Workers’ Compensation (QME/AME) Cognitive/Neuropsychological Evals. Diagnostics (ADHD, Learning Dis.) Legal/Forensics

Risk Assessment (Violence/Sexual)

Immigration-related Evals.

Pre-adoption Psychological Evals. Parenting/Bonding Assessments Drug/Alcohol Evals.

Pre-employment Evals.

Fitness For Duty Evals.


Orange County, Los Angeles,

San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino,

Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Stockton,

Modesto, Santa Cruz, Fresno, San Jose,

San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento

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